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The future of dentistry is here, and it is digital.   The growth opportunities resulting from this emerging technology are on a scale that the dental care industry has not seen in a very long time.  Digital dentistry is making use of cutting edge technology to develop treatment plans that are far more comprehensive, and executed more accurately than was possible twenty, or even ten years ago.   QC Orthodontics Laboratory is here with you as this technology develops.


Digital dentistry provides you with levels of speed, accuracy, and patient comfort that have been previously unattainable.  Taking a digital impression chairside is a much faster procedure using digital technology than taking a traditional impression.  In addition, the consistent level of accuracy, even with difficult patients is nothing short of game changing.  Patient comfort is also a factor.  Eliminating messy impression trays with modern digital equipment certainly increases patient interest in the procedure and provides a level of comfort and ease that just isn’t possible with impression material and trays.  More accurate models, less chair time, less materials used, and less patient anxiety equal more efficient use of your time and resources and a better patient experience.


QC Orthodontics Lab is presently a preferred lab for iTero, Trios, Carestream, and 3M Cerec, and easyRx.  If you have a different system, please call us and we will make every effort to accept your files.  We process all digital files with the 3shape orthodontic software suite and print with multiple state of the art digital printers.

About QC Orthodontics Lab


QC opened it’s doors in 1978 and is extremely proud of the professional team that we have assembled over the past 4 decades.  Our vision is clear. We are all unconditionally committed to quality in orthodontic appliances and eager to learn and grow each day so that you, our customer, receive exactly the product that you prescribe.


In these pages you will find some of the appliances available from our lab. The technical support for the appliances shown, and other appliances are as close as the phone.  Jeff and our staff are dedicated to being the best in our field and strive to give our customers the finest service, the highest quality and the most caring attitude of any lab in our profession.  If not for you, our customer, our vision is useless.


Sharing in our vision could only mean the highest quality for you and your patients.  Let us be your “Quality Connection.”

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