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Finishing and Relapse Orthodontic Appliances

Apex Revolution Spring retainer


Now presenting the Apex Revolution Spring retainer ... a revolutionary new orthodontic appliance that's a total game changer! Learn more about the Apex Revolution Spring retainer or buy Apex Revolution Spring lab kits now.


Apex Revolution Spring retainer

FRL11 / FRL12


QC Orthodontic's new Apex Spring retainer also addresses the problem of wear in critical areas of the acrylic. The unique properties of the TMA Flat Wire allow a far greater range of movement than traditional stainless steel wire. In addition, the TMA Flat gives approximately 60% more contact on the facial and lingual tooth surface delivering a much greater rotational force.



Mandibular with

Round SS Wire

Maxillary with

Round SS Wire

Apex Spring Retainer

FRL09 / FRL10


QC's new Apex Retainer addresses the problem of wear on the acrylic surfaces caused by repeated insertion and removal of the appliance. The Apex spring achieves rotation and the desired movement without using acrylic against the incisors. The absence of acrylic allows for easy adjustment and virtually zero wear in critical areas.

Mandibular Super Modified Plus



This design is used for correcting minor rotations of upper and lower anterior teeth. The addition of the helical springs of the modified plus, make the appliance very effective for aligning the incisors.

Spring Hawley Retainer

FRL03 / FRL04


This design is used for correcting minor rotations of upper and lower anterior teeth. The teeth are setup in the corrected position on the model and is duplicated for fabrication of the appliance.

Hawley Spring Retainer



This appliance provides superior anterior retention through the use of clear acrylic that tightly conforms to labial and interproximal surfaces of the incisors. This prohibits movement, and rotation of the anterior teeth. Occlusal rests will be added to the first permanent molars.

Invisible Retainer



A popular retainer design for the appearance conscious patient. Improvements in materials have led to Invisible Retainers lasting longer. They can be used to align teeth with no more than 1 mm of movement per tooth. A number of invisible retainers can be fabricated with a series of setups to achieve greater tooth movement. It is recommended to use a Poly Vinyl Siloxane impression to maintain model accuracy due to multiple pours.

Cuspid to Cuspid

Spring Retainer



The 3x3 is designed to be the most comfortable to the patient but is also the least retentive. This retainer is used for limited correction.

Cuspid to Cuspid with Ball Clasp Extensions



Ball extensions to the lingual of the posterior and c-clasp soldered on the first bicuspids can be added for better retention.


Fabrication Requirements:


When sending a removable appliance, an opposing model is required if teeth are to be reset.


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