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Fixed Appliance Prescription

Herbst Appliance Prescription

MEAW Prescription

Retainer Prescription

Bowman Prescription


These prescription sheets may be downloaded to your computer to save time, effort, and help eliminate errors.  To download, click on one of the prescriptions below to open it in your browser.   Right click on the form, or go to “File” at the top left hand side of your browser and “save as” to either your desk top or a folder designated for prescriptions.


Once you have the form in your computer, open the prescription PDF and fill in information that will be the same on each prescription such as the doctor’s name, license number, email, address, phone number, etc.  Then save the prescription and the form will be saved with your information eliminating the need to write it on each future prescription.


For repeating prescriptions, (standard retainer designs or any other appliance in which you usually use the same design) fill in the blocks for the prescription and add any doctor’s standard comments and “save as” the name of the prescription, i.e. RPE, Quad helix, TMA spring Retainer, etc.  Once the form is saved, you may then call it up, and simply add the patient information and print it.  You can then right click or go up to “File” at the top left hand side of the page and use “save as” to save the form as it is with the patient’s information.  This will make the prescription readily accessible from your desk top as well as eliminate the need to file a paper prescription.


We have provided specialized forms for retainers, fixed appliances, and herbst which are more detailed than our standard prescription and also a general lab form.


We hope that you find these forms useful and time saving.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions for changes or additional forms.

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