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Space Regainers and Maintainers Orthodontic Appliances


Phase I Retainer


The Phase I retainer provides retention after early/interceptive orthodontic treatment.  Phase I treatment is most often finished between ages 7 and 10 and it is very important that the results of phase I treatment be maintained in order to hold space for emerging permanent teeth.  Often a bit of bonding material is placed on the mesiobuccal cusp of the partially erupted 1st permanent molars to provide better retention.  Our design features optional “wings” to allow for rotation of laterals if necessary.

Comfort Band and Loop


Comfort Lingual Arch


Comfort Gnathos Nance


Pediatric Comfort Appliances


QC Orthodontic's new line of Comfort Fit appliances are designed with your patient's dental experience in mind. These appliances not only deliver the functionality you demand, but also the comfort your patient's deserve. The Lingual Arch and Band & Loop appliances are meticulously contoured around the alveolar process to give your patients a level of comfort that standard designs cannot achieve. The Comfort Gnathos Nance appliance is closely contoured to conform to the palate providing the stability to hold space without the hygiene problems associated with the traditional acrylic button. In addition, the contouring of these appliances allow more than adequate space for the eruption of permanent dentition so there will be no need to remake due to unforeseen interference as is often the case with standard appliances.


NOTE: The Gnathos Nance design is counter-indicated for patients who have recently undergone molar distalization.


Lingual Holding Arch


Lingual Arch

with Adjustment Loops



Class III Lingual Arch


Lingual arches are available in various sizes and lengths. Arches can either be ideally shaped or closely contoured to the arch configuration. They may include loops for adjustment or without. Also may be made removable from bands.

Band and Loop Space Maintainer



The Band and Loop appliance is a unilateral space maintainer that is used to prevent the drifting of adjacent teeth in edentulous areas after extraction or exfoliation. Omega loops can be added for ease in adjustment due to shifting or closure when space permits.

Loop Space Regainer



Utilizes a loop spring that is activated by a simple adjustment to close unwanted space.

Band and L



We can fabricate a Band and “L” upon request. If you order a band and loop and find that the space hasclosed in the interim between the time you took the impression and your delivery date, one side of the wire may be removed from the band and loop thus creating a band and “L”. The band and “L” is strong enough to hold thespace but is nearly infinitely adjustable as opposed to the rigid structure of the band and loop.

Spring Loaded Band and Loop



Regaining space may be accomplished by using a band and loop with sliding molar tubes and coil springs. Setup with constant tension and may be used to move a premolar mesially with some reciprocal distal movement of the

permanent molar. This appliance may be designed to provide alternate tooth movements.

Halterman Appliance



This design is indicated when the erupting tooth is trapped under the distal edge of an existing tooth. A mushroom-shaped button is bonded to the occlusal surface of the erupting molar. A band with a hook that extends distal to the molar is cemented. Chain elastic is used between the hook and the button to provide the distal force needed to move the tooth.


Distal Shoe



A single band with a distal extension that is placed through the tissue and can be used to guide the eruption of the six year moler when the primary second moler has been lost prematurely.


Note: Accurate fabrication of this appliance requires accurate measurements from the distal of the banded or crowned tooth to the point of placement for the blade. Traditionally a bite wing has accompanied the model from which we derive accurate measurements. With the advent of digital x-ray, however, providing an actual size x-ray has become more difficult. Most digital x-ray systems provide a means of accurately determining the measuremtns required for the fabrication of this appliance.


Your digital x-ray software should contain a measurement sub menu. This will allow you to set a point at the distal of the banded, or crowned tooth and drag a line to the mesial of the erupting permanent tooth. Your software will provide you a highly accurate measurement of the length of this line.


Either mark the model at the appropriate distance or note this distance on the Rx. This will provide the technician with the information necessary to fabricate an accurate appliance.

Ectopoic Spring Loaded Distalizer



Designed to provide the same function as the Halterman appliance without the necessity of a bonding button that can debond and be swallowed or worse, aspirated. The wire is bonded to the occlusal surface of the erupting molar eliminating the button. The coil spring is pre-activated and the elastic chain holds the appliance passive while the appliance is cemented and bonded into place. Remove the elastic to activate the appliance.

Retainer with Pontic

(Flipper Appliance)

Fixed Transpalatal Arch



This appliance is excellent at maintaining space acquired after expansion and distillation. It can be designed with a solid transpalatal bar or with an Omega loop allowing for adjustment and producing molar rotation. Our Fixed Transpalatal Arch Appliance can also be fabricated in a removable version.

The Nance Appliance



The Nance Appliance is available with either straight or re-curved arms. It can either be soldered to the bands or made removable. The Nance appliance is effective in preventing mesial molar drift, and in the re-curved arm design, used for expansion or rotation of the molars. This appliance may be fabricated in a hygienic all wire version. Note: The wire nance is not indicated for use after distalization treatments.


Note: The wire nance is not indicated for use after distalization treatments.

Edentulous Block

An edentulous block can be added to nearly any appliance to hold space.

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